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Fallsdell Machinery was founded in July of 1981 by Alex Greckin, Ken Yates and George Stam and started in a factory no bigger than 250 metres². The Founders of Fallsdell Machinery built the Company into a well-respected organisation servicing an Australian wide customer network in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Allied Trade Industries.

Ken Yates and Alex Greckin have both retired from the business and unfortunately Alex and Ken have both passed. In 1987 Fallsdell welcomed on board Maurice Melville and he along with George Stam are the current owners of Fallsdell Machinery.

In 1998 Fallsdell Machinery purchased the building which now sees Fallsdell with an impressive 2,500 metres² showroom.


Fallsdell Machinery over the years has been lucky enough to have a dedicated, loyal and trusted team and along with George and Maurice have had, Bruce Drysdale who joined the sales team in 1992 and has now progressed on to General Manager. In 1998 George Jovcevski was hired to work in the store. We have also been lucky enough to have Russell Shipley join the Sydney based sales team in 2008, and many people have dealt with Russell over the years as he has been selling New Pharmaceutical machinery for many years.

Recently we welcomed George Jammal to our Sales Team in 2019.