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Fallsdell Machinery has always respected the information you supply us about you and your organisation. Fallsdell Machinery does not collect information about any person using our Internet site except in very specific areas as indicated below.

We do not collect for or sell or trade your name and details to any third parties. We do not collect your details when you use our Internet site except where expressly and clearly indicated (a competition for example). Although ‘cookies’ and/or similar technology is built into our systems we do not use this technology to collect personal details, however we do keep unidentified statistics on how many visitors read specific pages and details on times and dates of visits and time taken to view pages.

访问你的细节。在不太可能的情况下我们re holding details about you (following a competition for example), you may ask to see the details we hold about you but we require twenty-four hours notice. You will be required to identify yourself with acceptable I.D. and may take away a photocopy or printout of your information without charge during normal office hours or we can email you. Interstate or international readers, after suitable identification is supplied you can receive details by email. We will not send information to generic email addresses like admin@, contact@ etc, you must have a personal email address. Under the Privacy Act we are within our rights to refuse to supply information if it is sought in a vexatious manner or is a matter that may be subject to legal jurisdiction or information that is exchanged or collected during the normal activities of business to business transactions.

If you have any queries regarding privacy and the Fallsdell Machinery web site emailadmin@www.911exports.com

All our address and business details can be found in the About us section of our corporate Internet sitewww.www.911exports.com

All items are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, Click here to view them, or contact our office for further information